Thursday, October 05, 2006

Six Miles

My sister came by and we went out to do a 6 mile run/walk to get ready for Monday's 10K. I've never gone more than 5 miles, so it was nice to have someone to push me along. In spite of walking a mile or so of it when my knee was a little wobbly, we managed to do it in 1:26 - much faster than I anticipated running that distance.

I'm now confident that I can run, and finish, this race - something I wasn't so sure about a couple of weeks ago. I'm feeling more confident than I have in a long time about all this as we come up on the date. It's exciting and I'm sure the expo this weekend will be crazy fun.

I'm excited about the pasta dinner on Saturday night where Joan Benoit Samuelson is the guest speaker, Mr. Bear said he'd go with me, so that will be even more fun.

But today was good - it was another "hurray running" day. Even though it's only in the low 60's it was just right for running. I mapped out the distance ahead of time at the USTFA site and we took off from there. I'm thinking that Saturday I may go for four miles on Heartbreak Hill and then just give it a rest until Monday. Until then, I'm feeling good.

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