Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In the Middle

Today's song: "In the Middle" by Jimmy Eat World

I started off the day waiting for the house to clear up so I could pop in the yoga DVD. There's just something about working out to a DVD where you just don't want people to walk in on you and start laughing - so I got a bit of a late jump on it.

The funny thing about yoga, I'm always surprised at where I'm flexible and where I'm not. For example, when I reach overhead for a simple back bend, I'm pretty tight but I can fold one leg over the other, lie flat on top of them and reach out pretty far forward.

While it's clear it's going to take a few times before I know what comes next and be able to flow right into it, I have to say I could honestly feel the difference today when I went out for my run.

First of all, my knee didn't makes itself known until the second mile. This is good as it's usually nagging me early on. So I ran farther and I actually ran faster than I have been - about a 12:20 mile.

When the knee started to act up I was a bit frustrated. The inner loser quickly made itself known, reveling in a moment of weakness. All those feelings of "I'm such a poser" popped up again. When the Jimmy Eat World song popped up on the playlist.

"Hey, don't write yourself off yet
It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on.
Just try your best, try everything you can.
And don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away."

It was enough to carry me through the self-doubt that sometimes hits me. Even though I say to people, "I'm a runner..." or "I started running last May..." there's still that piece of me that holds back. Which is why I was interviewing Dean Karnazes instead of running the Shillelagh Shuffle. I was scared I'd be too slow and just didn't want to come in last. I need to get over the whole last place thing, I know it - but it's always a toughie.

Even then, I did 2.5 miles in 32 minutes. Not bad considering a chunk of that was walking. I'm definately doing the yoga thing again, if for no other reason than to see if it helps the knee even more.

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Nini said...

The yoga thing WILL help! If you get brave and want to go to a Bikram class with me (104 degrees, 90 minutes)... I'll definitely be your partner in crime... my IT band issues WENT AWAY after one week of classes (the effects wore off roughly 6 months later... but that's WITHOUT upkeep... so I basically think it's the best thing EVER!!!)

Anyway... nothing wrong with coming in last ;)