Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No Tricks, Just a Treat

Halloween - one of my favorite holidays.

Today I dressed up like a runner and ran for 3 miles in 39 minutes and it just felt good to be running again after a week off.

The only reason I took a week off, to misquote John Lennon, was due to the fact that life happened while I was busy making plans. One of the things that did happen last week was I stopped by the New Balance factory store to pick up some running tights for Gazelle Boy. While there, they were having a pre-inventory sale along with the Breast Cancer Awareness month sale. As a result I picked up a pair of 816's for a song.

The 816 has motion control - the thing I've been loving in the Brooks addiction. A couple of months back I asked someone at the NB store what they had for an equivalent and the shoe she had me try on was nothing like it. Last week I noticed this on sale and tried it on. It's not the same as the addiction, but running in it today felt good. It's a good shoe and I'm glad I found it.

At dinner the other night, my nieces and I began talking about maybe doing the Hyannis half marathon in February. On further reflection, I don't know if I'd be ready for a half, but there is a 10K race that day as part of the slate of events. I figure that's probably about my speed... let them run the half and I'll do the 10K.

Gazelle Boy would like to join us. He's run that distance just when he's out running. I'd like to see him do it rather than sit on his butt all winter. He can probably train with the winter track team (he hates winter track because "it smells bad") for his runs as well as on his own. It will be good for the two of us.

In the past, I've always treated dressing on Halloween as something about me that I want to reflect on for the year. So today I dressed as a runner and don't it feel good.

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