Sunday, December 03, 2006

An Accomplished Five

My niece, Nini, talks about the "bed magnet." Today was a day where I had a hard time escaping the bed magnet. I really meant to get up at six so I could get my run in early. Then it was 6:30. Finally, at 7 I realized if I didn't get up now, it wasn't going to happen - so I forced myself out of bed and down the stairs to get ready.

By 7:30 I was stretching and getting ready to do my planned 5 miler at Heartbreak Hill.

It was cold - the low 40's but felt colder. Such a sharp contrast from just the other day when it was just shy of 70. I started with my jacket zipped, my hat and gloves firmly in place as I sparked up DJ Steveboy's 131BPM nudge mix. By the end of the first mile, I had unzipped the jacket half way. A half mile later, the jacket was fully unzipped and by the two mile mark the gloves were in my pocket.

About a half mile in, there was a woman who was clearly struggling with her walk/runs. When I caught up to her, I asked if she needed a partner today. Smiling she said, "Thank you... that's so nice, but no - no I think I'm fine but thank you."

I was glad to offer her assistance because I thought about how lonely it can feel when you're struggling and how many times I wished someone had stopped to offer me some help. Like her, I probably would have said no thank you, but it's just when someone offers that can make a difference.

Sunday morning means the running clubs are out in force and most were friendly as they passed me going the opposite direction. Mostly it was the solo runners out today who were waving and greeting people they passed.

Instead of running back up the carriage road after turning around at BC, I opted to run up the side of Commonwealth Ave where the grade is more gradual. I wanted to see if it made a difference and to be honest, I really couldn't say. I suspect it was easier than the steep carriage road grade, but in the overall scheme of things - I honestly can't say.

In fact, in studying my run profile, I would have to say that my pace was steady throughout today's run. I'll have to try this run again and use the carriage road at the turnaround to see how they stack up.

Overall, it was a run of accomplishment. That sort of, "Hey, I got up and did five miles... I can handle the food shopping and everything else I need to do," sort of feeling. It's nice when that one big thing is out of the way and I can move on with the day.

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Nini said...

Hey, this run was more accomplished than you realize (maybe you realize)... you were the "nice lady" who that other runner will think about, and that's a really cool thing!

I'm proud of you :)