Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Running Down a Dream

Sunday I ran for 6 miles.

I didn't run/walk, I didn't walk. I ran 6 miles. I had never run a full 6 miles before that and I felt fantastic.

I also stuck to plan this week - 30 minutes of yoga on Monday (and one foot sort of off the floor in crow pose now) and a 4 mile run today.

But what happened last night was one of those odd, "I can't believe I did this" moments.

Every spring there is a 10 mile race in Washington, DC - the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. It's limited to 10,000 runners and it always fills up the first day of registration. Yesterday was the first day of registration and last night I thought I'd see what would happen if I tried.

It was as if something possessed me from the moment the thought crossed my mind until the registration confirmation email appeared in my inbox a few moments later. Think about it - 10 miles; in DC; on April 1... what was I thinking?

I obviously wasn't thinking it was the last weekend to get my home ready for Passover or traveling back and forth... you know, life details. Instead I was thinking about how beautiful it would be to run along the Potomoc with the cherry blossoms in bloom to welcome spring properly.

I never understood people who traveled far and near for certain races and now here I am doing what I didn't understand before. That race will mark the start of my 11th month of running and, right now, I can think of a better way to celebrate.


Alberto said...

Hey thats awesome. I was able to sign up for cherry blossom too before it filled up. Except for the pollen its a great time to run and a nice course. See you then! btw i saw your post on nikeplus.com my user id is albertoiii

Pat said...

You'll do great. I'm sure the kids will help around the house.

According to my calendar, the Wickenburg Parade of lights and Chanukah are both this weekend. Have a wonderful Chanukah and I'm sure the folks in Wickenburg will enjoy their parade.

Arizona, USA

Mike said...

Another great race to check out is the Falmouth Road Race. 7.1 miles along the ocean during the middle of August. Go to www.falmouthroadrace.com


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the race!! I'm a fellow NIKE+ runner in my 2nd month of running and just being able to run 3 min straight has been my greatest accomplishment! I can't wait 'til my 6 mile moment. Enjoy yours!! :D