Monday, December 04, 2006

Pretzel Logic

I've been following this Baron Baptiste Yoga DVD for athletes and today is a "stretch and strengthen" day - ergo, it's a yoga day.

Yesterday I also picked up a buzzy, squishy chair cushion (read a cheap massage pad for a chair filled with those squishy foam thingies).

Between the two my hips and lower back are just saying, "Ahh!"

Tomorrow I have a 4 mile run scheduled and it looks like it might be cold. There is a piece of me saying, "but it's warm inside and maybe you can do yoga again instead of running..." But I know, in the end, I'll go out for my four and feel better for it. Who knows, maybe I'll run a little faster so I'm not out in the cold for as long as I could be.

Looking over my training calendar that has all my planned activities in it (runs, cross training, etc.) for the month is a hair intimidating. All I need to do is knock off each activity, one by one - day by day, and I know I'll be a stronger person for it. None the less, it can still feel a bit daunting even though it's mapped in virtual bits instead of stone.

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