Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Make a New Start

Today's music: Misplaced by Moshav (think Creed - only Jewish instead of Christian), particularly the song "Lift Up Your Head:"

So lift up your head child and open up your heart
Today is a new day, gonna make a new start.

That's what today's run felt like. It was my first real run in two weeks and it wasn't a good one. It took me just as long to run a 5k distance as it did to run a 10k distance before this cold felled me a couple of weeks ago. I know that I need to be patient with myself, I'm getting to an age where I don't recover like I used to and all that - but it was still frustrating to be unable to run a full mile.

I did a run/walk today - running until something cried "Uncle" and then walked to full recovery before attempting to run again. Of the whole distance, I probably ran half of it. There was a time that would have been a joyous moment but now it feels weak.

At least I made it through the distance. I know I couldn't have attempted this a week ago. I suspect that by my Monday New Year's hangove race I'll be closer to "normal"... and yes, I will take it easy and listen to my body and all that folks, I'm impatient but I'm not stupid. I know it won't be long before I'm back on track and this blip on the radar will be just that; however, it doesn't keep me from feeling frustrated in this moment now.

But as the song says: today is a new day, gonna make a new start.


Jenn said...

Give yourself some credit :) It is great that you got back out after 2 weeks. A lot of people wouldn't have done that. Being sick takes a lot out of your body. Give it time :)

Happy New Year!

Red said...

Get well soon, Happy New Year.