Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Road Less Traveled

Today was a big victory - I went out running even though it was below freezing.

For some folks that might not be that much, but for me it's huge. Because of my asthma, I often find myself reaching for the inhaler when temperatures hover around freezing or lower. I've been concerned... nervous and I guess a bit scared about this time of year.

Today was the first step taken to get past all that by going out for four miles.

Granted, I now have a cold weather gear wish list (winter tights & mock turtle neck; gaiter; etc.), but I went out pretty sensibly and it worked.

I also took a trail I normally don't. There are some spots where I normally run where I turn around and loop back to the start. Today, instead of turning around, I chose to cross the street and keep going up the path to see what I could see. When the voice said, "Congratulations, you're at the half way point..." I turned around and headed back.

To be honest, the view was the same no matter what side of the river you're on and whetehr your in Boston, Waltham or anywhere in between along the river.

But it was something new, something underdone for me. I strayed out of my safety zones today: running while it's cold out and a new path.

All in all, it today was a victory all the way around.


Pat said...

The beauty of having the Nike + is you can go anywhere and it will record the mileage.

I love just going out the door and running in a new direction.

Here's hopin' you'll have some warm days to run in.

Arizona, USA

harryleftleg said...

Hey! I invited you to a challenge @ Nike+.com. Check it out. Hope you can join.