Friday, January 05, 2007

Breaking Wind Pose

Because a branch of my health club has a lunch time Yoga class, I figured, "Why not - it's good to have someone tell you if you're doing it right or not and I need an indulgence day."

OK, things I need to remember: just because the health club is underneath the Japanese food mall doesn't mean I can eat lunch there 3 days a week. I love the Japanese food mall. I love Japanese food - particularly beef bowls and miso soup. Mmmmmm... miso soup. Also I need to find parking that I don't have to pay for since the lot is pretty freaking expensive.

I made it just at the start of class and today the focus was on twisting and stretching the core. That's all well and good but when you twist and stretch your core you get what Mr. Pi refers to as "breaking wind pose." Every so often you'd hear a soft *poot* noise as someone else managed to ... um, massage their intesines.

I was among them.

It was good though. I realized I'm more flexible that I thought and I really have grown stronger. I'm still not quite flexible or strong enough for a tripod headstand or to stand on one foot with my other foot and hands stretched in front of me on the same plane as my spine... but it's cool. I'm better than some and not as good as others and it gives me a measurable goal to work on.

After class I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill - which is a different model than the ones in my regular location - doing a couple of walk/run cycles to start getting back to things. I'm hoping to start running next week now that my breathing seems to be clearing up nicely.

I can't wait until I get back to running... I truly miss it.


Athena of Texas said...

Apparently, several residents of my household are familiar with the Break Wind Pose. :~\

like your sense of humor. :)

JOJIT said...

I'm well too familiar with that "break wind pose" you're talking about because I sometimes do that when I run. Fortunately, no one's behind me every time. :D

Glad you're feeling much better and back on being active.

GB said...

I gotta learn that pose, for sure!!!

Red said...

We call it smog:)