Thursday, January 11, 2007

C'mon Baby, Let's do the Twist

The last couple of weeks have been about yoga because I've been a little nervous about running until I feel fully recovered. Last night was the first time that I actually felt like normal, but I promised Mr. Bear that I'm not going to rush it. Because it's colder today than it has been (could it be winter is trying to finally assert itself?), I'm probably heading into the health club to use the treadmill for a little bit.

I just really dislike treadmills. It's a Red Queen's Race - running as fast as you can to stay in one place - which feels like an exercise in frustration. Yet, I can't remain motionless for much longer without losing my mind.

Tomorrow I have some time scheduled with the trainer to develop a strength program to compliment the running. I got a good feeling from him when we booked the appointment and he asked, "Are you on a specific running plan? What are you short and long term goals with your running?" and other questions indicating that he was listening to me instead of doing the generic "this is how I start people off..." thing that I've received in the past. When I told him I was doing Higdon's novice half marathon training, he asked for the website so he could see what was involved and we'll work from there.

Sounded good to me, we'll see how it goes tomorrow. We're meeting before yoga class and reviewing things then.

Yesterday's yoga class was with Blanca who decided to focus on "twists." She's trying to work us to a pose that involves a complicated twist that balances on one part of the hip that looks deceptively simple. I've been trying to find a picture of it, but I haven't found any luck yet. But it gives a whole new meaning to "McTwist" (Tony Hawk has no freakin' clue) and I'm not even close to being there.

By the way there is a pose called "The Wind Releasing Pose" (Pavana Mukta Asana)... but that wasn't the pose that was the one I've dubbed "breaking wind pose."

Gotta love the internet. :)


JOJIT said...

Looks like you're enjoying Yoga.

Hope everyhting works out with you and your trainer!

L*I*S*A said...

I'd love to try yoga someday!