Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot, hot, hot

When I left for my run, it was 78 degrees. By the time I got home, it was 83... this weather is insane.

Of course the fact that I run along a shaded path next to the river probably makes a difference.

The goal for this week was to do four (14/1)2 runs (run 14 minutes, walk 1 minute twice). I guess I'll have to modify that goal to just accomplishing it once this week and then being able to do two consistent weeks of four (14/1)2's.

Because of the heat, I took it easy on myself. Even then a 15 minute miles feels like crawling - which is weird since I run a 13 minute mile consistently at this point. I ran the 14 no problem, walked the 1 and started the second 14 but 5 minutes into it my legs felt like lead. I figured better that I've pushed myself beyond the "run one mile" thing and tried a slow run before giving up and walking to my start point. Granted today I did a mile and a half in 24 minutes - most of it running - so I should be happy but I really thought I could do the whole thing today.

I guess I'm just disappointed.

Yesterday I took out 3 books on women and running from the library:

So I'm hoping to learn a lot from them. The Kowalchik and Scott books have been good so far in terms of just general knowledge. For example, I always get frustrated when people run in the street rather than on the sidewalk - but I know understand that it's easier on the body to run on asphalt instead of concrete. It still frustrates me as a driver, but at least I understand now.

By the way, I embed amazon links into titles as a way to support doing this site. I originally added some boxes on the side, but after a week they turned into obnoxious amazon banners... sorry that doesn't work for me. If I wanted banner ads, I'd just do the google ad thing. I just want to make things available for folks and if I can get a couple of free books or something out of the deal to support my book habit... so much the better.

At any rate, I'm still sweaty so it's time to go off and shower.

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