Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm all wet

Today is an xt day - so I just got back from the pool where I swam a half mile of breast stroke. My time is pretty consistent - 30 minutes. It's just so frustrating that I get there and have to swim with four other people in the lane before someone says, "Oh look, there are eight people in two lanes... maybe we should put up a third lane."

Tonight was worse than usual because the swim team parents were there coaching their kids. So now you have four adults swimming at a variety of paces and two kids splashing their way down part of the lane with adults screaming, "Breathe from on the left! Your other left."

But I did get my laps in. One thing about swimming that's nice is I think. I have always been a water girl, so I'm not surprised this is the easiest form of xt for me. Tonight as I was swimming a few things occured to me. The first is that I was aware of various muscles I was using. There were certain ab layers as well as my biceps, triceps, lats that were all saying, "Hi there, remember us? We used to get used like this a lot a few decades back and we're glad you rediscovered our existence."

The other thing was how much stronger my lungs feel. This is important when you're asthmatic. I haven't needed my inhalers for a couple of weeks in spite of the heat and exercise.

So my body is feeling happy (in spite of the complaints I get every so often). If my body's happy, then I'm happy... these are all good things.

Tonight DH is taking us out for dinner so I don't have to cook. I can feel happy about that too.

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