Saturday, July 01, 2006

Today's run 7/1/06

I ran 1.4 miles in 22:36 for a 16:09 pace. That's slow but it was also 85 degrees and partly cloudy when finally made it out for my run.

I also did a 51 minute balance ball workout with the "Balance Ball for Dummies" DVD. The GAIAM DVD is more a moving meditation with soft new age music and flowing from one movement to the next... sort of like a yoga routine. The Dummies workout is more of a health club workout. There was that synthesized upbeat rock-style music and there was a break between each exercise to set up the next one. It wasn't bad and I liked that there were some bicep and tricep work with hand weights while sitting on the ball (something I may just do on my own).

Of the two, right now I prefer the more meditative DVD. I like the relaxed feeling. If I decide to buy the Dummies DVD, I don't think it would be a regular one, just one I'd use every so often to break up the monotony. I'll keep my eye open on used racks and at yard sales for this one.

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