Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stupid thunder storms

I've ranted a couple of times over the past few days about things. One is thunderstorms.

Yesterday was a slow day - one of those days when you just couldn't get going (perhaps not drinking coffee for a few days had a hand in that) , so I figured I'd go for a run after my ex picked up the boys. Not five minutes after he left, the skies opened up in a torrential downpour with a lightening show that made Fourth of July pyrotechnics look lame.

Even though it stopped shortly after that, I doublechecked the weather to find out that it was the eye of the storm (so to speak). There were a number of cells and we were currently in the clear but surrounded by all sorts of other cells. Damn! No running, no laps, nothing but sitting on my butt doing nothing.

It was hard to do nothing because today is supposed to be a rest day since I"m running the Johnny Kelley memorial 5K tomorrow. That leaves me with this decision: two rest days or do something this morning.

Finally I decided to do one 14/1 this morning in the light rain. It is freakin' humid out there, but I managed to cover slightly more than a mile on my 14/1.

Because I was stuck last night, I figured if it was going to rain and the Sox game wasn't until 10pm (stupid west coast road trip), then I'd go sulk in a bookstore and hunkered down in the comfy chair at the local Borders flipping through running books. I decided to buy Bill Rogers' Complete Idiot's Guide to Running, 2nd Edition.

Yes I hate the titles to those guides; however, it's pretty clearly written and I trust Bill Rogers.

I'm off to shower before picking up my number and such.

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