Monday, July 03, 2006

Walking benchmark

My regular deadline was moved up a day due to the holiday, which meant I had to work this morning instead of getting out for my run. By the time I could go running, it was a hot 83 degrees (sticky, little breeze). I decided I'd walk the 5K course and get a benchmark today.

After all, walking it is better than doing nothing.

I walked it in 1:02:07 which, according to Runner's World pace calculator, puts me at an even 20 minute pace. This means that even if I only run a mile or so of the race on Sunday, I'll make my goal of coming in under an hour. Unfortunately, the ankle I fouled a pitch off yesterday at the batting cages is starting to knot up now that I'm starting to rest and cool down. So I'll go pop a couple of ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation and ice it down.

Tomorrow, because it's a holiday, means no deadlines, no pressure. If I can just haul my butt out of bed instead of sleeping in, I should be able to get a run/walk time on the course and set out my training schedule for the week.

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