Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday, Monday

OK - I made my goals last week, so I guess it's time to set this week's goals:

Monday: xt
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: xt
Thursday: 2 miles
Friday: xt
Saturday 3.5 miles
Sunday: rest

This works out since I'm flying on Sunday - so I'm not going to be all antsy about what I should be doing. Of course I have to look at flight times and such to figure out my schedule for next week - but I can hold off a day or two on that.

I just discovered a cool link: USTFA Map How cool is it that I can now really measure my routes instead of guessing. The end result is that I learned I've been running a lot further than I realized. Like the 1.5 mile loop turns out to be 1.6 miles. A loop I though was 2 miles is 2.48 miles - meaning if I do the full loop, I'm running 3.65, not 3 miles like I thought.

It also means my inner loser's tantrum was after the 2 mile mark, not at or before - so now it's sulking because ... well, that's what inner loser's do I guess. But it also makes it easier for me to tell it where to go.

Today I went to the pool during the adult only swim at lunch time and did my 1/2 mile in 25 minutes. There was only one lap lane up, but it was OK because everyone in the lap part of the pool was doing laps anyway. It meant I didn't have to slow down or speed up for other people and could just swim my pace. It also meant I didn't have to do circles or pause or anything like that for other people.

It felt good.

OK, it felt good because the water was such a good temperature and it's hot out. It was also strange because the water was really choppy from the water aerobic class down the shallow end of the pool. Since there were no lap markers to break up the wake, we were getting it at the other end of the pool and you could see the difference between the lap lane and the rest of the pool.

Man I love it when there are no pissy adolescents playing splash games.

I also fixed the not enough lanes problem at night. I noticed the schedule has 3 lap lanes for the evening general swim. So I called the pool manager and asked, "Why are there only 2 out at night until there are 6 people to a lane?" He told me that would now be fixed - there is supposed to be three and he will make it clear to the swim team and life guard teams that it doesn't matter if there's one person or 12 - there are to be three lap lanes at night.

Problem solved. Now I can feel better about swimming at night.

I have to admit, resting yesterday was a challenge. So I ended up picking up some beads and charms and things at AC Moore and made a necklace and earring set. Of course now I have to find a jewelry roll pattern on line since I can't seem to find one in the stores that doesn't cost a ton of dough.

Saturday, after my run, I went downtown to pick up a pair of LAX gloves for Mr. Pi. While I was there I hit the Macy's clearance sale and picked up a couple of tops marked down to $8.50 each. I also picked up a nice CZ necklace/earring set for next week. I always worry about being dressed properly for these business casual (and not so casual) things because I'm so used to whatever works working out of the house. (For example, right now I'm still in my bathing suit waiting for someone to get out of the shower... not something you can do in an office.) Just walking around downtown put my steppy doodle up around 11K steps - not including my run.

Even though it was a rest day yesterday, I still posted 6K before taking it off to go see "Taming of the Shrew" down on the common. (A lot of fun - if you're in Boston over the next couple of weeks, you should definately try to catch it.) I know I did a fair amount of walking around down there - so I easily made 10K before the day was over.

I also picked up some of those Goody Stay Put elastics they're making for "active" needs. It's basically a rubber coated elastic that doesn't pull or damage hair, but has enough traction to stay in place. I've been looking for them ever since Gazelle Boy stole the one they gave us in the Ryka goody bag and finally found them at Target. I figure I need them now that Mr. Pi is doing a combo of wearing a bandanna and pulling back his hair with an elastic too while it's growing out.

Yeah... I just heard the bathroom door open. This means I can take my shower now! Woo Hoo!


RavenclawPrefect said...

I love the Stay Put hair bands. I came across them back in about March and that is all I will wear now. I did notice that they tend to stretch out a lot when they are used constantly though. I can only find them in black but I have heard they have other colors too.

pika said...

Target had the colors... right now I'm wearing a blue one.

There was also red, yellow and black on the card. They also had headbands and two thicknesses of the elastics - regular and the thick ones.

DH thought I was funny dancing around with them saying, "Oh yeah, I finally found them... I finally found them."